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About landau kleffner syndrome

What is landau kleffner syndrome?

Landau Kleffner syndrome (LKS) is a childhood disorder characterized by the loss of comprehension and expression of verbal language (aphasia) in association with severely abnormal electroencephalic (EEG) findings that often result in seizures.

What are the symptoms for landau kleffner syndrome?

The symptoms typically begin between the ages of three and seven years although the condition may rarely occur in children as young as 18 months of age. Affected children often appear to have acquired deafness since they fail to respond to verbal language and in some cases to nonverbal sounds. A significant minority of children with LKS also develops serious behavioral dysfunction, including hyperactivity, temper outbursts, or withdrawn behaviors but rarely the severe social impairments seen in autism spectrum disorders.

Approximately 70% of affected children have obvious seizures, most often focal with or without alteration of awareness and/or atypical absence in type.

What are the causes for landau kleffner syndrome?

The cause of Landau-Kleffner syndrome is unknown although a spectrum of epileptic conditions including LKS has been described in individuals with GRIN2A gene mutations and other candidate genes including RELN, BSN, EPHB2 and NID2 have been suggested. The response in some patients to immunosuppression has raised the question of autoimmune and other inflammatory mechanisms as potential contributors.

What are the treatments for landau kleffner syndrome?

A supportive team approach for children with Landau-Kleffner syndrome may help to reestablish some communication skills. Appropriate speech and language therapy is important for affected children. Augmentative and alternative communication devices and even sign language training may be useful for some affected children with little or no understanding of language. Special education classes for children with severe speech and language disorders may prove beneficial as well.

What are the risk factors for landau kleffner syndrome?

Landau-Kleffner syndrome is a rare disorder that affects twice as many males as females. Affected siblings and discordant monozygotic twins have been reported rarely.

Is there a cure/medications for landau kleffner syndrome?

The standard therapeutic approach begins with antiepileptic drugs, particularly “spike-suppressing” medications such as divalproex, ethosuximide, levitiracetam, and benzodiazepines. Some authors have suggested using a combination of corticosteroids and pulse benzodiazepines. Other antiepileptic drugs that may be beneficial are lamotrigine and felbamate.

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