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  • Dmc disease

    DMC Disease (Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen) is a rare genetic syndrome. It results from mutations in the dymeclin gene. It is an inherited disorder. The affected child receives one gene from the father and another from the mother. If one gene is normal and the other one is of disease, then the person becomes the carrier of the disease. There occurs abnormal skeletal development, microcephaly (a small head), intellectual disability,  Read More

  • Encephalocele

    An uncommon illness called encephalocele that develops before birth (congenital). Typically, the third and fourth weeks of pregnancy are when the brain and spinal cord develop. The neural tube is how they are created. The majority of encephaloceles develop when the neural tube is not completely closed. When the baby's brain, neurological system, and skull are just beginning to form, this should take place. Brain tissue and spi  Read More