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  • Dutch-kennedy syndrome

    Dutch-kennedy syndrome is a rare inherited disorder characterized by short muscles and tendons that result in limited mobility of the hands, legs, and mouth. The most serious complication of this condition is the inability to completely open the mouth (trismus), which causes difficulty with chewing. Short muscles and tendons in the fingers cause the fingers to bend or curve (camptodactyly) when the hand is bent back at the wri  Read More

  • Faciogenital dysplasia

    Facial, limb, and genital deformities are common in faciogenital dysplasia, an extremely rare genetic disorder. In some cases, certain forms of cognitive impairments may also exist. Up till now, faciogenital dysplasia has only been linked to one gene, the FGD1 gene on the X chromosome. Treatment 1. Faciaogeny dysplasia treatment focuses on the distinctive symptoms that are present in each patient.  Read More