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  • Brain aneurysm(cerebral aneurysm)

    A brain aneurysm(cerebral aneurysm) is a dilation along the arterial circulation within the brain. About 85% of the dilations occur in the anterior circulation, which supplies blood to the anterior parts of the brain. The causes include: hemodynamic stress on the internal elastic lamina, vibrations from the turbulence of blood flow, and T-lymphocytes and macrophages mediated inflammation. Patients with advanced age, hypertensi  Read More

  • Encephalitis, japanese

    A member of the flavivirus family, encephalitis, Japanese is contagious. By way of the Culex mosquito. Along with humans, the virus can also infect pigs and horses. In horses, this can cause encephalitis, and in pigs, it can cause miscarriage. A virus originates from a host, and the vector spreads it. The natural hosts of JEV are most likely wild birds, and mosquitoes are the carriers of the disease.  Read More