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  • Infectious chorea

    Sydenham chorea is a rare neurological disorder characterized by rapid, involuntary, purposeless movements, especially of the face, feet and hands. Additional symptoms may include muscle weakness and emotional or behavioral problems. Sydenham chorea most often affects children and adolescents. Sydenham chorea usually develops following Streptococcal infection and may occur as an isolated finding or as a major complication of acute rheumatic fe  Read More

  • Mps disorder iii

    Mucopolysaccharidosis Disorders are a group of rare genetic conditions caused due to deficiency of one of the lysosomal enzymes. MPS Type-III is one of seven Mucopolysaccharidosis Disorders. It is a result of an inborn metabolism error transmitted as an autosomal recessive genetic condition. An abnormal quantity of a certain chemically complex molecule excreted in the urine is one of the most prevalent symptoms of MPS disorder III  Read More

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis type iii

    Mucopolysaccharidosis type III, also known as Sanfilippo syndrome, is an inborn error in the metabolism of mucopolysaccharides. It reflects in deficiency or little activity of enzymes required for the catabolism of mucopolysaccharides leading to its accumulation. The disease presents with neurological manifestations such as autism, intellectual disability, behavioral problems, sleep disturbances, developmental regression, and  Read More