The following Conditions are related to Delay and eventual loss of skills previously acquired

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  • Batten disease

    Batten disease is the common name for a group of lysosomal storage disorders called neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses. There are 14 forms of the disease, and they primarily affect the eyes and the central nervous system. The diseases can be classified into four groups: infantile, late-infantile, juvenile, and adult-onset forms. Patients commonly present progressive cognitive and visual impairments, epileptic seizures, and deterio  Read More

  • Batten-mayou syndrome

    Batten-mayou syndrome is an inherited metabolic disorder. It is passed down through families, thereby triggering a genetic mutation in an individual. The batten-mayou syndrome is evident to affect the cell’s competency to break down cellular waste, thereby, eliminating it from the body. When the body is unable to get rid of the sugars, lipids and proteins, they start accumulating, in turn, affecting the nervous system an  Read More