The following Conditions are related to Gait instability

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  • Pineal cysts, symptomatic

    Pineal cysts, Symptomatic are commonly found in individuals in their 40s. Cysts refer to the closed structures formed by one or more layers of tissues filled with fluid. Pineal cysts are made of the inner layer of gliotic cells, a middle layer of pineal parenchyma, and an outer layer of connective tissue. The fluid is proteinaceous. Cysts are either typical (unilocular) or atypical (multilocular with septations). Usually, the  Read More

  • Wallenbergs syndrome

    Usually, faulty modifications (mutations) in the EZH2 gene result in Wallenberg syndrome. The EZH2 gene functions wrongly as a result of these detrimental alterations. The EZH2 gene has the ability to methylate, or switch on and off, other genes. The fact that Wallenberg syndrome affects numerous body systems is due to the influence of the EZH2 gene on the operation of numerous other genes. However, it is unkn  Read More