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  • Chiari i syndrome

    Chiari-Frommel Syndrome is a rare endocrine disorder that affects women who have recently given birth (postpartum) and is characterized by the over-production of breast milk (galactorrhea), lack of ovulation (anovulation), and the absence of regular menstrual periods (amenorrhea). In Chiari-Frommel Syndrome, these symptoms persist long (for more than six months) after childbirth. The absence of normal hormonal cycles may result in reduced size  Read More

  • Cutaneous malignant melanoma, hereditary

    Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma, hereditary, is also named dysplastic nevus syndrome. It is atypical mole syndrome. It is a skin disorder. There appears to be the presence of mole-like tumors on the skin, near about more than 100 moles over the body, which are atypical in size and structure. There can be any size, color or location of the moles. The normal moles are of the size of 5mm or more in diameter, but if ther  Read More